My work with Butterdragons Publishing

I got snagged!!

I have had the good fortune of catching the eye of Butterdragons Publishing with whom I love working.

Together we will embark on exciting new projects in the near future. Hopefully I can write many more books for them.

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Embers Duology




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Terrifying Love A Halloween Anthology by Serena Nova, Isobella Dunn,
Everly Taylor, Melody Calder, Victoria Larque, Annelie Janssen, and Ada
Rossi, with poems by Helle Gade

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Enter the world of terror and chills as our amazing authors featured in
this multi-genre anthology bring you stories like never before. A mix of
tales that will put you on the edge of your seat, keep you guessing, and
wish the things of your nightmares had stayed in your sleep.
Each story takes a unique spin on the fear in our hearts as the
characters push for their happy ever after, even amidst some of their
greatest trials. Will they overcome their obstacles, or will the things
that go bump in the night be too much?
This collection is full of never-before-seen tales of romance that will
make you fall in love and terrify you at the same time. Get ready for a
glimpse of the darkness and things of shadows as these authors show you
that sometimes the dark can make your dreams come true.

Featuring stories

Bringing Home by Serena Nova
His Dancer by Isobella Dunn
La Siguanaba by Everly Taylor
Reflections of the Past by Melody Calder
Runes and Fangs by Victoria Larque
Bloody Money by Annelie Janssen
A Patio and a Spade by Ada Rossi
Poems by Helle Gade


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Excited yet? I sure am!