Review: Witch's Reign by Shannon Mayer

Come along now peeps. Follow me into a world rife with magic, shifters, jinn, dragons, two asskicking women and one not-so-humany-human. Tie down the flails and guns and don't go near the satyrs, they be a-flouncing. If you didn't understand a thing I mentioned at the top, don't worry, once you've read this tale of awesomeness, you will. And then some. It's hard for me to find fantasy novel's I like, not because I don't like them. I do. Love them, in fact. But you see, more often than not, they drag and some take themselves waaay too seriously. What comes to mind is: Epic, quests, chosen ones, prophecies, old guys who are mentors and die at some point, sword-fights, battles and impossible od

Victoria Larque

Urban Fantasy with twists and turns. Stories that stick. 

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