Cover Reveal: The Soul Reaver Alloy

Yes. It's happening. Ohhh, how it's happening. * * * I know this is later than some would have wished and later than I anticipated (later than I would have wished). But alas, brilliance can't be rushed. To be perfectly honest, and as most of you know I mostly am, the manuscript I sent to my editor sucked. I got it back and my amazing editor pointed out A LOT that still needed work. She's a hard-ass, that one, and thank god she is. Alloy lacked an overall arc, motivation of characters, had plot-holes galore, and was (as she so beautifully put it) 20% action bringing the story forward and 80% character development and interaction. Now don't get me wrong, the interaction and development are sti

Victoria Larque

Urban Fantasy with twists and turns. Stories that stick. 

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