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Review: One Weekend Away by L. Maree Apps

One thing up front, I love Romance. I need it in the books I read, the ones I write and in real life. I am not one to read contemporary romance though. For me it always has to have a bit of fantasy or paranormal mixed into it (or the other way around). I read One Weekend Away despite that (come on honest. The cover is just on-frigging-point!) and holy hell, am I glad I did!

*closes mouth, fans self*

I read this story once a good while back on wattpad, from which the first draft, save for a sample, will be removed in the next two days. When it was self-published I bought it. Yes, I liked it that much.

What's it about:

Blurb taken from amazon

All sports reporter Kenzie Matterson really wants when she agrees to a weekend in Fiji with a guy who needs a fake date to his sister’s wedding, is some hot, stress-busting sex. But life has a way of throwing all the feels in your face, right when you don’t need them. All Rugby League champion Mitch Weston really wants when he goes along with his friend’s idea to take a fake date to his sister’s wedding, is a complete lack of drama. And sex. Amazing sex obviously, as all sex with him is. Mostly though, just no drama. But life has a way of throwing drama in your face, right when you don’t need it. Consorting with athletes is the kiss of death for a female sports reporter’s career. Mitch is going to have to pull out all the moves if he’s going to convince this career woman to take a chance on love.

What I think about it:

This book made me laugh out loud. The humor and the comical situations are fantastic! They both flow without feeling forced or in your face, and I'm always one for the giggles. Both main characters are witty, stubborn and completely smitten from the moment they meet. Now, one might bash that fact, but as the characters become dear to the reader over the titular weekend, it is the time after that which makes one realize; 'yes, this is it, this makes sense.' In no part of the book did I get the feeling that the relationship was forced, or was something that wouldn't actually happen.

The character growth was plausible and fun, hot and heart-wrenching to watch. I got to know both Mitch and Kenzie, I related to them and enjoyed every page with them. That is always a 'job well done' by the author.

The sparks flying between Mitch and Kenzie from the very beginning were fun to read and I absolutely loved their banter. And yes, the 'bedroom-art' as I like to call it was hot. Really hot! But it wasn't over done and I didn't get bored by too many smexy scenes. Just right.

This book gripped my curiosity and had me turning pages late into the night, both times I read it. Which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest compliments I can give it.

What's right with it:

The character growth is steady and makes sense. All side characters bring something to the table, be it fun, suspense or WTF moments. The twists in OWA are great and carried out nicely. Even though the author is Australian and therefore the book has some Australian words and phrases, I understood everything and felt right at home. (There is a handy little guide in the beginning explaining some words used) It is well edited and I found close to no obvious mistakes concerning spelling and the likes.

The pace is comfortable and flows lovely. Being a romance, of course there is a happily ever after. In some cases it is over done, in this case it isn't. It leaves room for imagination of what will happen next, and it is absolutely plausible, fitting even, that this sort of HEA would happen the way it does.

What's wrong with it:

Hmm. I had a hard time coming up with something. There was only one thing that bothered me slightly, and it is a bit hard to explain cause it's so minute.

The chemistry between Kenzie and Mitch is electric and very sexual, obvious and deliciously so. I got that in every scene they were in together, but there were sometimes lines he or she thought that felt like they tried to hammer home how sizzling the attraction is. I felt a little beaten over the head with those. But would have gotten it just fine without those few extra lines.

Who it's for:

If you love contemporary romances, and steamy bedroom-art, then this is for you. That isn't all this is though. It takes you on a journey and even discusses themes like being a woman in a field dominated by men. It's fun, it's heartbreaking and it's distinctly hot.

If that is your thing, go read it! You won't regret it.

Buy it HERE

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