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Yes! The Soul Reaver is live!

Say what? Seriously. The book is published. *jumps up and down, squealing* Ahem, I mean, I totally knew this day would come... ahem...

Enough of the awkward mumbling! I have published my first book and I couldn't be more proud, or more terrified. My emotions are doing a tug of war between bliss, fear, excitement and wariness. I shall call it 'the post-publication-emotional-cocktail'. Hah! Rolls off the tongue like silk. (Okay, I know that was a lie, but come up with something better, I dare you.)

So, bring in the links! (Hrmpf. Not the green one with the hat; the magical beam-me through-the-interwebs ones.)

You can buy the E-book on amazon by clicking HERE.

The paperback isn't on the same page (See what I did there?) yet, so you'd have to click HERE for that.

Why buy it? Well, it is what I like to call 'an Urban Fantasy with a dash of Paranormal Romance'. There is action, romance, fights, hot guys and gals, peculiar supernatural creatures, and a pet rat. 'Sometimes 'home' isn't a place, but the people around us.' That is what I have taken away from writing Daphne's story. If the above isn't enough to interest you, have a look at my carefully (painfully) crafted blurb below.

All of us are monsters. Some more than others.

Daphne is a Soul Reaver. A monster. A killer. A thief in the dark.

Feeding off the feelings of strangers, she lives in self-induced solitude, deeming it safest for everyone. Once a year, siphoning emotions isn’t enough, and Daphne must steal a soul to survive, taking the owner’s life in the process. With twelve souls already taken, and counting, Daphne walks a razor’s edge between madness and sanity every time she is forced to kill.

On the night of her hunt, she finds the perfect soul, dark to its depths, seemingly beyond saving. Too late does she realize this soul is neither truly dark nor defenseless…

As the hunter becomes the hunted, she tumbles into the world she was born to be a part of but never knew existed.

Will Daphne find the answers she’s been looking for her whole life? What about things she always wanted but never thought possible; companionship, friends and even love?

Who can she trust in a world filled with monsters?

Yes. *wipes hands* That should do it. Now go, get your copy and tell me what you think of my very first book. Have fun in Trinity and say 'hi' to Mist for me. If you liked the world I created, share, write a review, shout it from the rooftops and let me know. It helps immensely to know how your work is received.

Thanks goes out to the adventurers at my side along the way, without whom this would never exist in this form.

My editor and a stellar Author in her own right: Ashley R. Carlson

My proofreader and champion extraordinaire: Annie Sarac from Victory Editing

My designer, the insanely talented Kim from KimG-Design

My writing buddy and Wattpad bestie: Jenni M Rose! Lovah, without you... this woul not have been remotely possible!

And all the readers from Wattpad who have loved reading it and gave me the courage to believe in my story enough to actually do something with it.

Thanks for reading this to the end and bearing with an over-excited, terrified me. I'm going to take a nap now.

V.L. out!

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