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On taking flight and sharing some love

Hello out there,

I often feel like writing letters to a stranger when I write my blog. Essentially, that's what it is, at least for me. It is still weird; shouting my thoughts into the world with no idea who in their right mind would read it. But hell, it's like that with my book as well. I wrote it, I met the most amazing people on my way to get it pretty and readable, and now my baby is out in the world. People can pay money to read it, they can enjoy, hate and rate it. If that right there isn't scary, I don't know what is.

*me reading reviews*

Taking this step can be frightening, overwhelming, painful and wonderful. I know, my young padawans, I have experienced all of the above. There is nothing more heartening than reading things like:

So much action happens in this book that it is almost unbelievable how small of a book this is. I just can't fathom how Victoria came up with all of this and fit it all in here. I really don't understand how such literary genius didn't come across my radar sooner. This will be a forever favorite of mine.

My favorite part of this whole book was Kate.

Absolutely PHENOMENAL!! Daphne is a kick ass female lead, so empowering.

This was an EXCELLENT BOOK! I had trouble putting it down for even a minute.

And nothing more crushing than this one star review:

It felt like the author tried one of each trope and hoped the reader would care about at least one of them. It didn’t work, and I quickly started to hope the pet rat would save the day and eat them all. Pass.

I have laughed, cried and am grateful for every read, review (yes, even the bad one) and purchase. It is out there and I am very proud of it! Now, I could drone on and on about the trails and tribulations of being a newly published author, and if you have any questions about the whole deal, comment and I'll answer, but I'm also here to introduce you to one of the many wonderful people I have met until now.

This one is experiencing the terror, giddiness and joy of being newly published for the first time. A round of applause for Cassidy Storm, who is woman enough to fling her book out into the world!

While I was enjoying my valentines day playing a game of co-op with the husband, nerding out in all my glory, she has hit that button and published her book.

If you are into LGBT Romance (F/F erotic romance) then please continue reading ;)


*Information taken from Cassidy's Newsletter*

Introducing Cassidy Storm

I'm a longtime reader of romance, erotica, sci-fi and horror. I've aspired to become an author and have been working toward this for a few years. My first goal for 2018 was to actually make it happen, and with a few sixteen-hour days, my goal is within reach! My first release is slated for Valentines Day 2018 and my second one is anticipated to happen on MLB Opening Day (go Marlins!) Other than my sister, who is my best friend in the world, my family doesn't know I write--manuscripts of Girl Talk and especially, Team Mom would probably not be well-received at Easter Brunch. Same holds true with the "day-job" profession I'm in--so I keep those circles at arm's length when it comes to my writing. When I'm not writing, I enjoy playing board and card games--the real, physical ones. Although my sister Allison and I do play Words With Friends and I even let her win a few. I also like to cook, often prompted by seeing something delicious posted on social media. I'm deathly afraid of heights and won't go near the railing at the mall, but I've actually jumped out of an airplane. So go figure.

I look forward to taking my readers on a journey! So, let's talk about my first book... ever! Can you imagine how excited and nervous I am?

Girl Talk

Autumn is stuck in a rut. She's been on many first dates but is beginning to wonder if she'll ever experience happiness -- or a second date, for that matter. When she gets a new phone, she receives a call from an "Unknown Number." The person's first words are, "So. You were going to tell me how wet you are." Autumn is stunned -- because the caller happens to be a woman. Over the next few months, the mysterious calls continue, and the "girl talk" gets more and more personal. But Autumn is straight . . . isn't she?

Sounds like a treat, doesn't it? You can buy it HERE (US) and HERE (UK)

If you want to know more, you can stalk her on the following pages:


That is it for today, my lovelies. I have to get back to editing The Soul Reaver Alloy. I have heard the first book ends in a horrible cliffhanger, and while I might enjoy the title *Queen of Cliffhangers* I don't enjoy torturing my readers. Much. So I'll get back to editing now. Keep it crispy!

V.L. out!

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