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Cover Reveal: The Soul Reaver Alloy

Yes. It's happening. Ohhh, how it's happening.




I know this is later than some would have wished and later than I anticipated (later than I would have wished). But alas, brilliance can't be rushed. To be perfectly honest, and as most of you know I mostly am, the manuscript I sent to my editor sucked. I got it back and my amazing editor pointed out A LOT that still needed work. She's a hard-ass, that one, and thank god she is. Alloy lacked an overall arc, motivation of characters, had plot-holes galore, and was (as she so beautifully put it) 20% action bringing the story forward and 80% character development and interaction. Now don't get me wrong, the interaction and development are still there (cause I love that bunch of crazy ass-hats) but my dearest Ash was right (as always, the chit), it needed a lot more story. I really hope she'll be happy with my second round, which I will be sending her in July.

Since it took me so long, and will still take a bit more time, here is the cover reveal. And because I love you people, I'll post a shortcut to where you can read the (new and improved) Prologue and first chapter. (Still subject to change, of course)

Here's what Alloy will be all about:

Daphne is a Soul Reaver. A survivor. A companion. A fighter in the making.

Reeling with the aftermath of her mistakes, she is left to pick up the broken pieces of her world. Still, one thing is for sure; no amount of loss or guilt will stop her from rescuing the man she loves from certain death.

After the demise of their leader, the city of Trinity’s supernatural community is left in chaos. Factions are vying for control and power, expecting the ancient leaders to attack any day. They are on the brink of war.

As allies become adversaries and fear spreads like wildfire, Daphne and her friends have to band closer than ever to survive.

Inheriting a legacy she has no idea what to do with, Daphne struggles with revelations which threaten to pull her under. To protect the people she loves and keep a dangerous secret hidden and safe, she has one choice:

Fight or lose everything.

Now, the reason you have come here for:

Isn't it just bloody amazing?

*Lies in the corner, hyperventilating*

First off, as always, props (all the props) go to my designer. Kim is one of the most talented people I have ever met. She knows exactly what I want, which isn't easy cause I tend to be all over the place explanation-wise. Merci Kim, je t'adore!

(Kim's website, Twitter and Facebook)

My heartfelt thanks also goes out to my friend, Charlotte Flörchinger. Who, once more, let me photograph her, and who's pretty face you can see on both The Soul Reaver and The Soul Reaver Alloy.

TSR Alloy will hit the market around September (if everything works out). (I know, I know, very specific... But I want to do it right, not just DO IT)

As promised, here is the thingymabob you can click to be streamlined to the sample.

And don't be shy, tell me what you think (I can take it).

Keep it crispy, kittens!

V.L. out!

(Oh! I have a group on facebook for readers of my stuff. Head on over to check it out!) Super Secret Myre Army aka Kittens Retreat aka Reaver Manor

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