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The Soul Reaver Alloy is live!

Book two of the myre series is finally here!

Isn't it pretty and shiny?

I couldn't be happier or more excited to present this news to you! But this is not where the good news ends. Oh no, it isn't! The Soul Reaver Book One is FREE to download on Amazon at the moment. It will stay that way until 25. November, so go grab it while you still can!!

I'm not really able to write more right now, I'm still shaking with equal parts joy and nervousness. So here is the blurb on both books if you don't know either of them. Hopefully it entices you to take a chance and go read it. The first one is free right now, after all.

Daphne is a Soul Reaver. A monster. A killer. A thief in the dark. Feeding off the feelings of strangers, she lives in self-induced solitude, deeming it safest for everyone. Once a year, siphoning emotions isn’t enough, and Daphne must steal a soul to survive, taking the owner’s life in the process. With twelve souls already taken, and counting, Daphne walks a razor’s edge between madness and sanity every time she is forced to kill. On the night of her hunt, she finds the perfect soul, dark to its depths, seemingly beyond saving. Too late does she realize this soul is neither truly dark nor defenseless… As the hunter becomes the hunted, she tumbles into the world she was born to be a part of but never knew existed. Will Daphne find the answers she’s been looking for her whole life? What about things she always wanted but never thought possible; companionship, friends and even love? Who can she trust in a world filled with monsters?

Daphne is a Soul Reaver. A survivor. A companion. A fighter in the making. Reeling with the aftermath of her mistakes, she is left to pick up the broken pieces of her world. Still, one thing is for sure; no amount of loss or guilt will stop her from rescuing the man she loves from certain death. After the demise of their leader, the city of Trinity’s supernatural community is left in chaos. Factions are vying for control and power, expecting the ancient leaders to attack any day. They are on the brink of war. As allies become adversaries and fear spreads like wildfire, Daphne and her friends have to band closer than ever to survive. Inheriting a legacy she has no idea what to do with, Daphne struggles with revelations which threaten to pull her under. To protect the people she loves and keep a dangerous secret hidden and safe, she has one choice: Fight or lose everything.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy my writing (if you decide to try it). Until then, keep it crispy.


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