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Cover Reveal and Randomness

This is not a drill, this is a cover reveal. Why? Cause it’s gorgeous and needs to be celebrated, of course!

I am very excited to show off the cover of The Demon, Shadow Play. It’s about one of my all-time favorite characters I have ever written. She made it fun, frustrated me, had me in laughing fits, and tears. Yep. Nick is everything, and I do hope she will be as special to you as she is to me.

Now, let me show you what I have been wanting to show you the whole time!


Isn’t it gorgeous??? *squeals* Holy smackaroo, I am so, so, so in love with this cover I can’t even begin to tell you. You know, it all comes down to my awesome, talented, EPIC designer, Kim. She is a treasure and I am so grateful to be able to work with her! She is the friggin best!

I know what you want to know… what is this story about??? Well here is the blurb:

Nicolette is a Demon. Headstrong, tactless, and exceptional. She has one fear: Betrayal.

David is a Shadow. A quiet and skilled assassin who has lived the past hundred years hiding from his kind and the oppressive culture they live by.

When David leaves Trinity and Nick behind, she follows to set things right. What she finds is far more than she bargained for. As the past creeps up on them both, they must stick together to ensure their future. Trust between them has always been a fragile thing, and the hardships they face have the power to either strengthen their bond or irrevocably destroy it. Thrown into a pit of intrigues and mortal danger, they will discover that true courage means relying on one another.

But will it be enough to save them?

The Demon is the third book in the Myre Series (like it says on the cover *duh*) and will be my usual mix of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. It’s a bit heavier on the romance than the two books before it were, but doesn’t qualify as a pure PNR. But it does have a Happy for Now ending. Sorta. *giggles* I’m not gonna tell you, read it when it comes out.

If you wanna know a bit more about the struggles this story caused and what to expect next—read on.

What’s next?

Next month the editing process will begin for this baby, and since I always have a few rounds of editing I estimate the release of the book at around Feb-Mar of next year. Yes, I know it’s long but I want to present something I can be proud of, not something that has only been read through by my mom. (Though I’m sure she’d do a spectacular job!)

Following book three will be The Seraph, Wings of Ash, which will star Celine and one of my favorite guy characters. After that—in book five—the Myre Series will conclude with The Soul Reaver, Nightmare. So all in all, the series will consist of five books. There might be spin offs, but if so, they are likely to appear in novella form.

Struggles? What struggles?

This story was especially hard to write for a few reasons. Once I was halfway done, I spiraled into a crisis, not knowing if this book had a valid reason to be written. Plus, to change the main character after two books of having the same is… unorthodox to put it mildly. Then there is Nick herself, who sometimes is too much. Too loud, too vibrant, too harsh—you get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t worry about having written her, I worry that people will not get her. It could be the typical fear of acceptance I (we all) have dealt with my entire life. We want to be accepted for the things that make us different, unique. And sometimes we can’t hide that we are very different from the rest. People, like Nick, who embrace that otherness polarize. And I was a little scared that a character who is filled with my heart blood could be hated.

But fear not! I still wrote it. Yes, this story contributes to the series arc as a whole—therefore it is valid. Changing the main character after two books? Meh. Change happens, Daphne will get another book, now is just not her time in the story arc. Nick being different? It will evoke reaction, positive and negative, of that I am sure. And I will deal with both when the time comes. So eventually, I’m all good.

If you want to find out more—as in what projects I’ll be working on apart from The Myre Series—you can sign up for my newsletter way down at the bottom of the page. It goes out soon (and don’t worry, I don’t send newsletters often. This chica is too lazy for that) and will have a surprise inside. (Note on the surprise: there might, or might not be a chapter of a future project involved. Some really exclusive stuff, mmmkay?)

If you have any questions, hit me up.

Keep it crispy, kittens!

V.L. out!

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