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Welcome to the world of   Myres

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Welcome. Take a seat, get comfy and let me tell you a little about myself. You came here to know after all, didn't you?


Onesie Enthusiast 

Lover of Naps

Procrastinator Extraordinaire 

I write Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. My love for the genre is rooted in the fact that I have rules to go by, but can bend and even break them if need be.

I was born and raised in the wonderful country of Namibia and am now residing and working in Germany where I live with my husband.

I’ve learned the amazing craft of a car-mechanic. But my passion is writing, telling stories and dreaming up impossibilities.

When I get home from work I write. On the weekends I write. 

My goal is to, one day, be able to do nothing but indulge my passion. 

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