Review: Condemnation by Kell Inkston

Come with me, take a wild ride into this Dystopian, (Steampunk feely) Action Adventure, Coming of Age tale. Because yes, it's all of the above,and more. I usually don't count myself among the fans of Dystopian (not when it comes to reading) and I don't know why that is. Maybe because I'm not big on excessive world building. (Which is needed, of course, I just don't like it very much. Personal preference here.) Regardless, I absolutely enjoyed this book! The world building is clear, and never more than it has to be. Buuut... I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes! There it is! Pretty, right? I love how the cover blends all of what the book entails and presents it friggin gorgeously! What it's about

Victoria Larque

Urban Fantasy with twists and turns. Stories that stick. 

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