Yes! The Soul Reaver is live!

Say what? Seriously. The book is published. *jumps up and down, squealing* Ahem, I mean, I totally knew this day would come... ahem... Enough of the awkward mumbling! I have published my first book and I couldn't be more proud, or more terrified. My emotions are doing a tug of war between bliss, fear, excitement and wariness. I shall call it 'the post-publication-emotional-cocktail'. Hah! Rolls off the tongue like silk. (Okay, I know that was a lie, but come up with something better, I dare you.) So, bring in the links! (Hrmpf. Not the green one with the hat; the magical beam-me through-the-interwebs ones.) You can buy the E-book on amazon by clicking HERE. The paperback isn't on the same pa

Release Date Info followed by Giveaway

Hi, peeps of my heart! I am happy, thrilled and terrified to announce my upcoming release date. The Soul Reaver will be buyable from around the 14. or 15. of January (depending from which end of the word you are) on amazon, in both Paperback and E-Book form! Yay! And, oh god, I think I might just throw up. I have been a nervous wreck for days now. So, to add to that, what did I do? Distract myself with Disney movies? Check! Watch weird series? Check? Having snacking binges followed by periods where I can't eat anything? Double check! Start the first-ever giveaway of my life? Check! Wait... what? That's right, kittens, I am giving away one copy of The Soul Reaver!!! So strap on your armor, ge

Pick me up

Editing. Just the word gives me hives. I hate it. I mean, I wrote a whole goddamned book, just to read it so often that I start despising it and changing it in ways I have never thought about? Yes, because you know what? Writing the book is the easiest part. Finishing your story? Piece of cake! But polishing it up to something worthy of another's eyes? Ugh... go away with THAT! It's a process; something that starts small and grows over time. You begin noticing words you use too frequently, plotholes that glare at you from the pages and make you cringe and then there is the small matter of times you told where you could have showed. You realize that writing a book just isn't good enough, whic

Victoria Larque

Urban Fantasy with twists and turns. Stories that stick. 

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