Cover Reveal of The Soul Reaver

Finally, goramit! Okay guys. *deep breath* I have been waiting for what seems like forever to show this to the world. *another deep breath* I have met an insanely talented designer and she has exceeded my expectations; so I decided she'll do the covers for my Myre Series. Since I am indeed a lucky little bean, she said yes. Here is to Kim, who has suffered through the clouded mess in my head and gave me exactly what I wanted. You, my lady, are a gem! Yes, yes, I'm getting to the reveal. Sheesh. *yet another deep breath* Heck, I'm getting lightheaded from all that breathing business. But, yeah, nerves. Sorry about that, but this means a hell of a lot to me. It's my first book after all, so pl

Review: Masked by M. Greenhill

Take a dive into the world of supernatural suspense, werewolfitude, and the sizzling chemistry between two people with me today. A thrilling read I could not put down! I know, I know... Werewolf books. There are hundreds out there at the moment. We all know how it goes: Pretty girl, vulnerable yet strong, meets big, burly alpha who sniffs out she's his mate and growls 'Mine' to everyone who will listen. He gives chase of little female, intimidating her to fall in love with him. Guts, gore and raunchy bedroom-art commences. Sound familiar? I seldomly read werewolf books, simply cause the premise is the same every time. You read one, you read em all. This is not that. Not. At. All. I gave thi

Review: Casing Happy by Jenni M Rose

When you have a favorite author who makes you feel them feels, you're lucky. If that same author is your friend and you have watched them go from good to great, you're blessed. Jenni is an author who has the ability to convey feelings and an atmosphere with her words which is simply breathtaking. Now, one might say that I'm biased cause she is my friend, but reviews are about how a book felt, how the story was told, and how you either loved it or not. The thing is, I knew Chasing Happy before I got to know Jenni, and her story of a shy, damaged woman, who sees ghosts, auras, and has premonitions captured me completely. Us becoming friends was just a very lucky plus. But I'm rambling; onto th

Review: One Weekend Away by L. Maree Apps

One thing up front, I love Romance. I need it in the books I read, the ones I write and in real life. I am not one to read contemporary romance though. For me it always has to have a bit of fantasy or paranormal mixed into it (or the other way around). I read One Weekend Away despite that (come on honest. The cover is just on-frigging-point!) and holy hell, am I glad I did! *closes mouth, fans self* I read this story once a good while back on wattpad, from which the first draft, save for a sample, will be removed in the next two days. When it was self-published I bought it. Yes, I liked it that much. What's it about: Blurb taken from amazon All sports reporter Kenzie Matterson real

Victoria Larque

Urban Fantasy with twists and turns. Stories that stick. 

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