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Review: Casing Happy by Jenni M Rose

When you have a favorite author who makes you feel them feels, you're lucky. If that same author is your friend and you have watched them go from good to great, you're blessed. Jenni is an author who has the ability to convey feelings and an atmosphere with her words which is simply breathtaking.

Now, one might say that I'm biased cause she is my friend, but reviews are about how a book felt, how the story was told, and how you either loved it or not. The thing is, I knew Chasing Happy before I got to know Jenni, and her story of a shy, damaged woman, who sees ghosts, auras, and has premonitions captured me completely. Us becoming friends was just a very lucky plus.

But I'm rambling; onto the review!

What it's about:

Blurb taken from amazon

Between Rosie Knight’s ability to talk to ghosts and every man she’s ever known betraying her, she’s got enough problems without falling for Max, her boss’s brother. But after a terrifying vision causes her to relive a woman’s murder, her ability disappears and she needs a safe place to regroup.

Max Murphy is an entrepreneur on the verge of his first major business success. He can’t afford to get sidetracked by the mysterious Rosie whose quiet eyes make him weak in the knees, but he’s not about to turn her away, even if he can tell she’s hiding something.

Max is the only person who’s been there for Rosie, and that makes him doubly dangerous. Suddenly he’s at the center of the fragile life she’s built, and if he finds out about her dark past, she could lose everything—including her carefully guarded heart.

****Chasing Happy is a Full-Length Romance Novel that's somewhere between New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Mystery. If you like a little bit of everything - including an HEA - this one is for you! ******

What I think about it:

This book is like a painting, a song, and a great story all rolled into one. It makes you feel deeply, until you are swallowed up by the plotline itself, only to emerge from the pages dazed and confused, wondering why the hell no one has done the laundry and why it's already dark outside.

The state this book had me in the entire time I read it is not easily described. There is heartache, fear and even horror, but also joy and hope. I felt both lighter and heavier while I read it, which shows how talented the author really is.

From the very start it becomes evident who Rosie is. The loneliness she tries to hang on to, for the sake of herself, is heartbreaking to witness. She is different. And all her life being who she is has gotten her into trouble. She is too weird, too much work, and, frankly, too scary for people to stay at her side. When Rosie does find people who care, who become friends, and who are not frightened away by her weirdness, she does not think it will last. She tries to pull away, to steel herself for the rejection that, always, comes.

Max, the MMC, doesn't let her. He is a person who, at his heart, is compassionate and loves taking care of everything and everyone around him. Meeting Rosie puts him in a situation he has never experienced. He can clearly see she deals with a lot and is drawn to her mysterious presence. Everyone should have a Max! He is one of the sweetest, hottest and most persistent MMC I have ever read and loved.

Their story is rocky, lovely, and pure. I loved every second of it and could not put it down!

What's right with it:

The character building, the interactions of characters and the course of the story is phenomenal. It feels real and takes you on a journey. The way it should be.

Rosie is always true to her character, which makes her growth at times frustrating and painful to witness. The way it is carried out makes sense and in no way does the story feel forced. It flows nicely, as the pacing is very well done, and I found myself moved from smiling, to grumbling, to nearly crying, in only one chapter.

The strongest parts of this story are the conveyed feelings and the characters themselves. Always honest, to the point and consuming. What I mean by that is hard to explain... I left knowing Rosie and Max better than some of my friends, and that is exactly what a reader wants. To connect with the characters in a book, to know them better than they know the people around them. Well, this book excels at doing just that.

From sweet, to funny, to horrifying, to painful; this book has it all.

Without spoiling anything, the end is surprising yet satisfying. It left me feeling lighter and smiling.

What's wrong with it:

There is not much wrong with it, at all. I would have to nitpick. *sigh* So nitpicking it is.

There are a lot of parts where inner monologue happens. It is necessary to get what's going on inside the characters, and concerning Rosie, who is a private person bordering on hermitism, it makes sense that she would not outright talk about stuff. There are parts where it could have been less though, but that is a personal preference and does not deter the book from being stellar.

Who it's for:

If you like romance, ghosts, and character stories that take you away and make you think; this is for you! It lingers long after you are done and is not a quick afternoon read. It has depth and is well thought out. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who does not shy away from looking deeper. Don't be afraid, jump in and get lost, it's worth it!

Get it HERE

About Jenni:

Jenni M Rose is a sometimes writer with an all the time imagination. She always has a story to tell and if she can find the time to write it, magic happens (or so she likes to think)!

Jenni can usually be found at the grocery store or driving her kids from place to place. More often than not, she can be seen typing away in the waiting rooms of local gymnastics gyms or dance studios.

Married mom, business owner, writer, taxi driver, accidental chicken lady – Jenni Rose wears many hats.

Connect with Jenni here:

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