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Release Date Info followed by Giveaway

Hi, peeps of my heart!

I am happy, thrilled and terrified to announce my upcoming release date. The Soul Reaver will be buyable from around the 14. or 15. of January (depending from which end of the word you are) on amazon, in both Paperback and E-Book form! Yay! And, oh god, I think I might just throw up. I have been a nervous wreck for days now.

So, to add to that, what did I do? Distract myself with Disney movies? Check! Watch weird series? Check? Having snacking binges followed by periods where I can't eat anything? Double check! Start the first-ever giveaway of my life? Check! Wait... what? That's right, kittens, I am giving away one copy of The Soul Reaver!!! So strap on your armor, get your swords, guns, staffs, whatever, and follow me! You can enter the giveaway down below! Have fun, and don't fight with the other kids!

Also, as I have so eloquently voiced, this is my first ever giveaway, if anything pops up--complications, ancients, or bugs--tell me and we will face them together! So long adventurers! And the best of luck from me!!!

Special thanks goes out to Annie Sarac from editingpen for helping me with this! You are a true gem!!!

V.L. out!

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